Nike - Presto DVDJ


Clients: Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo/Syn Corporation

Agency Creative Directors: John C, Jay, Sumiko Sato (W+K)

Agency Art Director: Philip Lord (W+K)

Creative Director (DVD & Interface): Michael Mesker

Design: Michael Mesker

Project Producer: Shawn Ellis

Motion Graphic Animation: Fumiko Yokogawa

Original Creative Concept:  Michael Mesker & Shawn Ellis for Syn

"Torus Case" DVD shell: Mark Newson for Syn

About The Project:

Limited edition promotional DVD conceived and created for Nike Japan and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.  

Released as a collector’s item to coincide with the launch of Nike’s “Presto” range of shoes.  Reflecting the campaign slogan “Are you expressing?”, this unique use of the DVD medium allowed users to mix audio tracks created by some of Japan’s top DJs, while also being able to simultaneously mix their own visuals.  The user becomes both DJ and VJ - a new type of artist: the DVDJ.

The dvd also features a fully interactive shoe catalog, “Birth of a Shoe” visual design philosophy documentary and DJ interviews.

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